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Miami Beach, FL 33141

917 319 8705

Merrybubbles brings branding strategy to women and minority-led businesses, companies with game-changing products, and those with a strong social impact.   . We work with good people whose companies and startups are readying their products and brands to expand outside of their home market.

Our expertise is in bridging cultures, in transitions. 

We believe in mindfulness and transparency, we are committed to empowering women entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia, one micro loan at a time,  through Kiva. Our approach is therefore unique to our DNA. 

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Merrybubbles Communications is a different kind of branding strategy agency. We focus on three areas: women- and minority led businesses; change-makers/innovative companies; and mission-driven organizations. 

We're creative, mission-driven, mindful. 

Branding strategy -- but what kind? We specialize in bridging cultures, in transitions. We will help you reframe your branding across all properties, platforms and channels. We operate upstream, as you decide to explore change, and we then intervene at the crossing of product, branding and communications strategy to ease you into your new paradigm. 

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.
— Socrates




Diversity • Innovation • Social Impact

We advocate for diversity, in all meanings of the term, by working with women- and minority-led businesses and organizations of all sizes.  

We champion innovation by providing our services to companies with game-changing products.

We're firm believers in doing good. We support social good by serving organizations who either have or participate in a social good program. 


Supporting women entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia. 
We're a mindful agency dedicated to supporting the growth and empowerment of women entrepreneurs. We commit a portion of our annual revenues to provide micro-loans to women entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia via

If you'd like to also support entrepreneurs in less privileged countries, please visit Kiva.

We work differently

We incorporate mindfulness in our methods and processes to encourage creativity. We believe it allows our clients to express their best potential.
We collaborate with independent talents across the world to deliver the best service possible. 

Due to the nature of our work on brand reframing, it's key for us to have a fit with our clients. Please fill the form below if you'd like to work together:

A few companies and organizations We've worked with...