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Miami Beach, FL 33141

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Merrybubbles brings branding strategy to women and minority-led businesses, change makers/innovative companies, and those with a strong social impact.

We'll walk you out of your comfort zone and readying you to expand outside your home market. Our expertise is in bridging cultures and in transitions. 

We believe in mindfulness and transparency, we are committed to empowering women entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia, one micro loan at a time,  through Kiva. Our approach is unique to our DNA. 

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Merrybubbles Communications is a branding strategy agency working with Change Makers. 
That means women- and minority-led businesses; highly innovative startups; and mission-driven companies. 

We're creative, mission-driven, mindful. 



Liva Judic, Founder and Director at Merrybubbles Communications


What's a Change Maker/Game Changer? 

Let's establish one thing: we work with small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs.
For a small business/startup, it means one of two things, not mutually exclusive: the organization

  • is either led by a woman or a minority -- because, yes, that still isn't widespread enough and we support diversity
  • is mission-driven, has designed its product/s or actions to make an impact, improve lives in one or more ecosystem/s through innovation or a social good approach
  • wants to change its offering in order to incorporate social good 

For an individual, it means that their activity supports social good, they have a strong value proposition to that effect or want to. 

What do we offer? 

First, we offer a mindful and creative, no B.S. approach because chances are, if you're a Change Maker, your are committed and you have guts. Your brand needs to resonate ten times deeper than 'regular' brands. Getting your branding right, voice, message, visuals and copy, EVERYTHING, requires commitment and courage

We work in two steps.
We'll help you explore your own brand, strip it to bare bones (again, courage and commitment) and rebuild it with you so you achieve maximal value, culture alignment and emotional resonance with your audience. The goal is for you to achieve a deeper connection than ever before. 
We'll execute on reframing your brand across all properties, platforms, and channels (website, social media profiles/pages, business cards design, and more...). 

When we're done, you'll be able to go straight to selling. 

Last but not least, new entrepreneurs can choose to get regular or ad-hoc growth support, if that's what you need. No matter which offer you choose, all costs are stated here, unlike most agencies. Transparency is one of our core values.

We're here with you



More about us? Well, it's a full circle: we aspire to be Change Makers too through working with you and giving back.

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Key principle: doing good = doing well 

We're a mindful agency dedicated to supporting the growth and empowerment of women entrepreneurs. We commit a portion of our annual revenues to providing micro-loans to women entrepreneurs in Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands (where they are largely underfunded) via If you'd like to also support entrepreneurs in less privileged countries, please visit Kiva.  

If you'd like to put into place a #socialgood program for your company, we'll help you make it a reality.


Still here? Let us tell you more about how we work.

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We work differently: Mindful, Creative and no B.S.

We incorporate mindfulness in our methods and processes to encourage creativity. We believe it allows our clients to express their best potential. If you want to stand out, don't expect "the usual." Again, it takes commitment and courage. Some love it, some are disturbed by it, some even hate it. 

Wherever needed, we collaborate with independent talents across the world to deliver the best service possible. 

Due to the nature of our work on brand reframing, it's key for us to have a fit with our clients. 

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A few of our past collaborations*


*For transparency purposes, please note that some of them were prior to our pivot to being 100% mission-driven


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