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Miami Beach, FL 33141

917 319 8705

Merrybubbles brings branding strategy to women and minority-led businesses, change makers/innovative companies, and those with a strong social impact.

We'll walk you out of your comfort zone and readying you to expand outside your home market. Our expertise is in bridging cultures and in transitions. 

We believe in mindfulness and transparency, we are committed to empowering women entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia, one micro loan at a time,  through Kiva. Our approach is unique to our DNA. 

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How it Works

Merrybubbles Communications offers a two-step approach for SMBs, startups and entrepreneurs to hone in their brand: Primer + ReBrand. A susbscription model called Energize is also available for first-time female entrepreneurs, and a one-off brainstorming call option called Blitz is also available.

The process is streamlined and the pricing structure is transparent.

how it works


Your goal is to tell your story through every single element that is customer facing, it can be copy, visuals, a website, you social channels or a speech. Rather than call it services, we can say it's a process to get you to activate each sensory channel that resonates with your audience. Credibility and leadership both rely heavily on this. 



The journey begins here. Exploring what's there, or what's missing. Figuring out  the uniqueness of the brand proposition. Stripping your brand thread by thread to understand the core: voice, message, copy, market resonance -- everything. Identifying old habits and creating new ones that align the business and the team's Values, the Mission and Profit. 

We'll conduct a deep interview of you by increments of 30 minutes for up to three times.
We'll send you a one-page blueprint, with recommendations for your small business or startup. 
How long? The same day we finish the interviews, based on your availability.


This is where the brand comes to life. We'll execute for you on reframing your brand across all properties, platforms, and channels. Our creative arm under the LJ brand will do this for you.


Website (homepage, +3 pages), logo, social media profiles or pages (4 channels of your choice), ready-to-print business cards design, and either a flyer-type (up to 3 pages) presentation of your offer or one landing page (based on your immediate needs) will be ready.
How long? It will take us 3-4 days to deliver. 
Condition? We ask that you are on a screen to review and validate as we go along. If you aren't, we will charge the edits separately. 

You'll be a
ll set! Then all you have to do is get out there and sell.

Need more?
Would you like more tailored services? Maybe your website requires e-commerce capabilities, or is of a larger size;
perhaps you need other types of marketing collaterals, like flyers, catalogues, product packaging; you may also be looking for help with ad copy... etc.

We're happy to help, just ask us and we have an easy price scale.





Energize is a subscription-based, 1-on-1 weekly growth support call dedicated specifically to first-time female entrepreneurs (but, hey, gentlemen, if you feel you need it, give us a nudge!). Between coaching and mentoring, this call was created based on our experience working with women building their first business: they often feel more isolated than men and need a third-party to brainstorm with and feel connected, supported. That is the reason behind Energize.

It's an investment, try it, you'll see why.

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Blitz is the ad-hoc call that you may want to make to run your idea past a non-affiliated, no B.S. third-party who'll always give you a straight answer. That person will always be a communications professional with a long track record working with small businesses and/or startups. 
What for?
You're thinking of launching a new product, you came up with a new idea, you're wondering if something you're doing now is the best solution to your current issue. A seasoned third-party will show her/his value to you. 

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