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Merrybubbles brings branding strategy to women and minority-led businesses, change makers/innovative companies, and those with a strong social impact.

We'll walk you out of your comfort zone and readying you to expand outside your home market. Our expertise is in bridging cultures and in transitions. 

We believe in mindfulness and transparency, we are committed to empowering women entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia, one micro loan at a time,  through Kiva. Our approach is unique to our DNA. 

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Merrybubbles Communications serves SMBs, Startups and Entrepreneurs who are Change Makers/Game Changers. Their businesses are diversity-led, or their offers are mission-driven, or innovative to a point that it makes a real impact on improving the lives in their ecosystems. Here is a curated list of articles on topics of interest


A curated list of articles on our key topics

The fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S.? Minority women. 
The 50 fastest-growing women-led companies in America
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Inside ‘F Cubed’—The VC Fund That’s Fueling Tech Startups Founded by Women 

Branding / Storytelling
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How to name your company [Infographic]
Storytelling and How it is Changing in the Digital Era
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How Instagram Is Changing the Way Brands Look at Photography, Online and Beyond
How to Effectively Use Visual Storytelling in 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]
What is Brand Purpose? And Why Must You Build a Brand With Purpose?
The Emotions That Make Us More Creative
Effective Marketing Appeals To Emotions Instead of Reason 
The Do's and Don'ts of Acing a Pitch Competition

How to make decisions more efficiently
Why Introverts Make Great Entrepreneurs
Every startup has to be laser focused on one priority at a time (9 Lessons in Entrepreneurship From Silicon Valley)
Micromanaging is a common mistake of first-time entrepreneurs and can be lethal to their company
How to deal with unexpected challenges
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4 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Entrepreneurial Success (and How To Stop)
Your edgy startup idea is stupid
Making mistakes means making decisions
'Don't Write Business Plans': Advice For Startups From One Of Silicon Valley's Top Seed Investors
6 entrepreneurs share their top vacation tips

It's very helpful to cross-fertilize ideas from different industries, says Elon Musk
Google Is Working On Magnetic Nanoparticles To Detect Cancer Cells
A visual introduction to machine-learning
The Apple Watch and the rise of the personal cloud
How tech can transform your business
Google to develop bandage-size glucose monitoring services
This e-textile could replace your iPhone
Moving beyond apps to deliver superpowers, mobile evolves to meet the Internet of Things.
The MIT Technology Review's list of the the 25 smartest companies in the world 
The 7 Most Innovative Startups in Los Angeles

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