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Miami Beach, FL 33141

917 319 8705

Merrybubbles brings branding strategy to women and minority-led businesses, change makers/innovative companies, and those with a strong social impact.

We'll walk you out of your comfort zone and readying you to expand outside your home market. Our expertise is in bridging cultures and in transitions. 

We believe in mindfulness and transparency, we are committed to empowering women entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia, one micro loan at a time,  through Kiva. Our approach is unique to our DNA. 

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Welcome to behind the scenes at Merrybubbles Communications and discover who we are.  Merrybubbles Communications serves SMBs, Startups and Entrepreneurs who are Change Makers/Game Changers. Their businesses are diversity-led, or their offers are mission-driven, or innovative to a point that it makes a real impact on improving the lives in their ecosystems. Behind the scenes at Merrybubbles


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We collaborate with top-tier independent talents around the globe to deliver the best possible possible service, where and when you need them. 

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Liva Judic is the founder of Merrybubbles. 
She has an extensive experience in communications and branding, from being a financial journalist to a diplomat working on communications for Madagascar (her country of birth), an executive coach and now founder. She has lived in over 10 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and America. 
She has been championing diversity and gender equality for over 10 years. She's big on the practice of mindfulness and  meditation to boost creativity and communication. Her other passion is travel. 
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